The LifePath-C system is intended for use by health care professionals for continuous monitoring of cardiac activity, respiration, temperature and activity/posture in adult patients within healthcare settings, both ambulatory and non-ambulatory, who require continuous monitoring of the above mentioned vital signs for up to seven days.

For patients requiring monitoring for longer periods of time, the system can be reordered. LifePath-C can provide healthcare professionals with (seven days/ real life).

  • Multiple Sensors
  • AI & Cloud
  • Patients
  • Stress-free
  • Smallest ECG
  • Portable
  • Continual Visibility
  • Low Cost
  • Real-time Platform
  • Open to third-party devices
  • FDA 510 (k) clearance pending


1. Cardiac:

  • ECG trace
  • Derived ECG leads
  • Heart rate

2. Respiration:

  • Respiration trace
  • Respiration rate
  • Tidal volume

3. Skin Temperature:

  • Using Thermistors
  • Outer skin temperature

4. Activity:

  • Falls
  • Step count
  • Posture

The vital signs monitored with the LifePath-C