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About Elastic Care: Who We Are

About Elastic Care : Who we are
Elastic Care Inc. (a part of the Pathway Group) is a Canadian healthcare technology company based in Markham, Ontario. Elastic Care has developed LifePath, an A.I.-based medical platform, for precise, real time remote monitoring of patients. The low-cost system can easily set up and deployed in any ex-hospital setting: home, remote location, for immobile or frail persons and patients with special needs.
As a physician or caregiver, you get real-time information, alerts, warnings, updates and trends relating to multiple vital signs so that you can intervene early – before the onset of deterioration. LifePath drastically reduces the cost, effort and time required to deliver quality medical care to vulnerable and high-risk patients, outside the hospital.


Our Values


We employ clinical best practices and protocols to deliver hospital level care at home with speed and accuracy.


We provide optimal diagnostic frequency to physicians and practices to ensure quality outcomes and safe and effective care.


We foster a collaborative environment that values each individual’s contribution to the care continuum.


We seek to discover technologies and processes that transform diagnostic medicine & advance remote monitoring and treatment.

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