The Problem

  • Current technology is old, non-portable, and most importantly, expensive.
  • Patients have limited access to 24/7 monitoring of their vital signs, which results in a much higher-than necessary hospital patient occupancy.
  • This is problematic as both resources and costs are diverted away from those requiring critical levels of in-hospital care.

Our Solution​

  • LifePath-C is a cutting edge remote medical monitoring platform which utilizes a small compact, battery operated device designed to continuously collect multiple patient vital signs.
  • Physiological signals are sent from the wearable device to Elastic Care’s secure servers where they are analyzed.
  • Full, intuitive reports are generated from the data collected and sent to the patient’s healthcare provider.

The numbers tell the story

  • Every day, over 2,600 people in the United States and Canada die of heart disease, stroke, and respiratory illnesses. These conditions have remained the major causes of death over the past decade. Our service, and system, is designed to keep watch over the health of patients who have chronic or long term health conditions 24 hours a day in a non-intrusive manner.

Advantages of LifePath-C

  • Multiple measurements? One solution.

Using a unique combination of sensor technologies, signal analysis, and sophisticated processing software, our system allows for a number of vital parameters to be monitored from a single, modular wearable device.

6/12 Lead ECG

ECG trace at rest
Ambulatory ECG
Heart rate and heart rate variability


Fall detection
Posture identification
Activity level and calories


Respiration trace and rate
Timing parameters
Tidal volume, TVR


Temperature detection and display;
out of norm notifications
Temperature trends