Who We Are

What does Elastic Care do?

  • We provide remote care monitoring for your patients at lower cost
  • We provide alerts and tracking parameters for set thresholds breaches
  • We provide remote consultation and billing facilities for your patients

How does it benefit Physicians?

  • Opportunity to increase revenue with home care packages
  • Reduce paperwork by use of the Elastic Care Mobile App
  • Consult patients at the comfort of your home without being exposed to the current global situation

Still not convinced? Check out the stats below:

Uninsured and high costs

Hospital Care – 30,000 INR per bed-day

Home Care -Under 2500 INR per bed-day!

Shortage of beds

Inside India’s COVID-19 hospitals there are only 8.5 beds per 10,000 patients

Increased wait time

COVID positive patients are spending anxious hours scouting for beds as the wait time increases to 3 days

Limited resources and capacity

Indian healthcare practitioners are limited, and hospitals have only eight physicians on average per 10,000 patients

A quick glance at the Elastic Care Mobile App

To Sign-up, Call +91-9850886816 or email info@elasticcare.com